THE PUZZLE OF PATIENT 815A. A beautiful young woman with amnesia lies in Ward 8 of Ellis Hospital, remembering nothing about where she was driving when her car plunged over a cliff - or of the identity of the dead child in the backseat. Naming the anonymous patient Mathilde, Nurse Adele Monsarrat calls on her psychiatrist ex-lover to help the crash victim recover her shadowed past. Yet someone is determined to keep Mathilde silenced as a threatening presence infiltrates the dark hospital halls. Outside in the community, four people are brutally murdered in what apppears to be professional hits. The police uncover disturbing connections between the victims and Mathilde, forcing Adele into a hot zone of terror, where ruthless violence spreads like a disease no doctor can cure.


"...'Mathilde?' Adele took a step closer to the bed and froze. It suddenly occurred to her that Mathilde was not there and that she had left - climbed out the window and escaped by the fire escape. She wouldn't be the first Ward 8 patient to depart using that route.
'Mathilde!' She raised her voice in a sharp command. Her hand came in contact with the bed, her eyes focusing on the rumpled, haphazard sheets and blanket. Behind her was a scraping sound and a breath. The hair on the back of her neck stood up as she crouched and swung around at the same time.
In the shadow of the bathroom, Mathilde's body was dangling, feet off the floor, her neck wedged at an odd angle in the crook of a muscular arm. The man's hand was so tightly pushed against her mouth and nose that her eyes were forced almost shut.
Seeing Adele, Mathilde kicked backward, slamming her bare foot into his knee joint. There was a sound and then a stifled cry. The man flung Mathilde aside as if she were a rag doll and sprang forward, head-butting Adele in the center of her chest.
The force of his hit knocked the wind out of her and paralyzed her throat. Falling back against the side table, she grabbed at the patient call light, pulling it out of the wall. Alarms went off loud enough to wake the dead..."

"...It was the same for Nelson's doggie shrink, Dr. Nutt with whom Nelson had a standing quarterly appointment. After all, animals went postal, too: one day little Rex is a sweet cuddly doggie, and the next -boom! - he's bringing home somebody's face between his teeth.
This visit, Dr. Nutt probed Nelson's 'unhealthy' attachment to his Mickey Mouse rug. For the first fifteen minutes they played in the sandbox with the rug, then they took a hot tub together - with the rug, and then, still dripping, Dr. Nutt gave the labrador a massage, moving the rug, inch by inch, out from under him.
Nelson was no fool. He let the man massage and knead right up to the last quarter inch of rug when he growled and showed his teeth as a warning.
No fool himself, Dr. Nutt backed off and left Mickey rug alone.
The advice was always the same: doggie Prozac. Meat. Twenty-four-hour-a-day companionship. They were, Dr. Nutt swore, the only cures for Nelson's various personality idiosyncrasies..."


"Ms. Heron's new mystery is worthy of being placed in the pantheon of the very best mystery writers. Adele Monsarrat is even further developed as a character in this, her latest edition in the series. I laughed out loud at her swipes at managed...oops...mangled care. A very good read. I couldn't put it down!" From a reader in Detroit, MI

"Nurse Monsarrat does it again! I had planned to read this medical mystery over a long weekend, but found I couldn't put it down. I had to keep reading just one more page. Adele Monsarrat and her friends, and even her dog Nelson, are now my friends. I hope to see them again real soon." A reader from Washington, D.C.

"This latest Adele Monsarrat mystery is the best in the series! Very well done character development and plot. The reader will not be disappointed." Reader from California

"Interesting and likeable characters (especially Nelson the dog) and consistent, even writing make this an easy and fast read...the surprising resolution pulled it all together." Reader from California


Torn between his obsession with Clara and his lust for success, Tiffany resorts to desperate measures to keep her creative genius under his command. Clara cleverly navigates both her turbulent relationship with Tiffany and the rigid rules of Victorian and Edwardian societies, in order to embrace all the adventure and romance turn-of-the-century New York City has to offer.
This New York Times bestselling author chronicles her journey as an idealistic nursing student through the gritty realities of practice with humor and a fine eye for detail. Shockingly believable. 8 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list
NOW ON ALL E-READERS! Sequel to Intensive Care, Heron gives readers a graphic, tell-all description of life behind the closed doors of a busy trauma center. She fleshes out brief patient vignettes in ways that haunt one's memory.
In these forty chapters what nurses witness and sustain on a daily basis is revealed with candor, humor and sensitivity. From birth to death, despair to triumph, these nurses' bravery, heart and unwavering commitment shine through.
Second in the Adele Monsarrat medical thriller series. A big-city hospital A rogue killer virus. And no cure in sight. Nurse Adele Monsarrat joins forces with Detective Tim Rittman, hoping to contain a potentially ragin epidemic—before it spreads out into an unsuspecting world . . .
The third in the Adele Monsarrat medical thriller series. In this case of amnesia, memories can be fatal. When police uncover disturbing connections between the victims, Adele is forced into a hot zone of terror, where ruthless violence spreads like a disease no doctor can cure . . .
NOW ON ALL E-READERS! An intriguing medical mystery, this combination nurse, hospital and detective story, is a fast-paced, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair thriller set in the hectic realism of its hospital setting.
The Adele Monsarrat, RN Medical Thriller Series:
The first in the Adele Monsarrat, RN, medical mystery series. A resident killer is working overtime at Ellis Hospital. When sweet young Chloe, everybody's favorite nurse, dies in the recovery room after a routine appendectomy, nurse Adele Monsarrat's suspicions are aroused . . .
The Adele Monsarrat, RN Medical Thriller Series
Fourth in the Adele Monsarrat medical thriller series. A disfigured corpse is fished out of San Francisco Bay. Adele would never guess that the crimes she is investigating reach halfway around the world—or that she has already been added to the growing list of victims . . .