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Again, I apologize to all for the annoying jerks who keep taking over my website and posting pages upon pages of ads for their company. Site host, Author's Guild says there is no way to stop them. I am currently looking into creating a new and more modern website Echo

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Originally sent (on Facebook) 6/24/12...thought it should be on your website :
I had to sit down and really get myself ready to send this "letter". I do hope that the real you is reading this letter as I would love nothing more than for you to know that you have touched a big part of my life.

When someone asks me what my "all time favorite book" answer is this: "Intensive Care" and then I go into how amazing it is and how fantastic of an author you are. This conversation will lead me to ask if they would like to borrow the book! My copy:DUCT taped, worn, beaten, cried on, laughed with, treasured...those are things that it is.

My copy of "Intensive Care" was given to me by my dad. He read it more than ten times already at that point. I believe I was about 13 when he first lent the book to me. He's read it many times since, often at the same time as me, fighting for it when we were both awake! He thinks you're amazing as well:)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this amazing gift. I think I have read your book at least 30 times. I reach for it in between other books, often out of comfort of reading a story that I have come to love. I still laugh in my favorite parts and cry in others. Your stories have captivated me, for so long. Thank you so very much. I wanted you to know that you have made my saddest days better with the comfort of your book

I just saw your list of forthcoming work, and I am beside myself. I can hardly wait for your ER work. The way you weave nurses' stories into something so intense, so realistic is unique, but not to nurses. You have put our experiences out there in a way that we all wish we could. Thank you for your's not all great, it's not all's not always rewarding. It's all of those things at different times, and you truly never know what the next shift will bring. I'm now a school nurse and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to someday create a collection of stories based on what my peers and I see every day. I don't miss the old days in the hospital, but your books bring it back full force. I can relive it without actually reliving it, and I thank you for that. :)~Erica, Jacksonville, FL

Echo, I graduated from nursing school in December of 1978, so I can relate to the pictures you have posted (white uniforms, caps, and all). I have been employed as a nurse ever since - 34 years now. I love your books and have every one of them. I was so excited to hear about Noon at Tiffany's, and I can't wait to read it as well. Please keep writing (and pulishing). Thank you. Kelli, Denver

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I am waiting to be accepted to the nursing program and this book is keeping me occupied while I wait " patiently". I hate to read just puts me to sleep but once I started to read your book I look at reading in a totally different way. You gave me hope that even as a single mom with tough professors and a terrible first job it's still possible to be in love with your career. Thank you so much for your books and your life experience.
Lana S.

I recently found your books hunting for something that might interest me on Amazon, and read Condition Critical in one sitting the day after working 2 busy 13+ hour shifts on an open heart stepdown unit. How many times have my co-workers and I said, "We should write a book cause you can't make this **** up! Nurses everywhere would love it but for sure they'd take away our licenses!" .....
As a nurse in this age of HIPPA and NO IDENTIFIERS!, your stories were SO refreshing and real and honest. I haven't related to something I've read so intensely in a long time!
Thank you too on behalf of all of us for being brave enough to write the truth of hospital politics, attitudes and management. We've come a long way since then, but still deal with some of the same things you did then. Now, however, we truly do have a voice and influence (although I'm pretty sure I'll never live to see the day staffing is done by acuity and we can definitely plan on a lunch break haha).
In the midst of it all, I too love being a nurse and consider what I do a privelege. What melts my heart on a day I'm thinking I'm SO DONE! and more than any paycheck, will always be the dying patient who takes my hand to give it a squeeze, a tearful hug from a grateful family member or a kind and thoughtful note written by a patient long after I've forgotten his name...
We were adopted into the same family and I really love hearing family stories!
Thanks Echo

Echo! OMG, I am a 67 year old medical transcriptionist for United Health Services, Johnson City, NY. I stumbled on Intensive Care in my favorite thrift store...was hooked and now am reading MERCY bought from Amazon and have two more coming. Typing med. trans. for 25 years, I BEYOND enjoy your TRUTHS and writing style. I could go on and on. Well, maybe I will for just a bit. To get me hooked on an author is not easy as I am a free lance writer with my own sage (truth of my life) in the making and pray I finish it before I die. I envy you, in a good way have already done what I still am in the hope stage. I've had my own newspaper (Small Town USA) column and have been published in some women's magazines BUT THIS IS ABOUT YOU!
FANTASTIC, TALENTED, HONEST and BRAVE. Bless you, bless you, I intend to read every single word to put to the keyboard. From the heart, Patricia H. Fabricius OR Patricia_Fabricius@UHS.ORG (work)

Well,Echo, it looks like I'm in good company as one of your readers. I still have a paperback copy of Intensive Care and re-read it whenever I want something GOOD to read. Thanks for posting a picture of Mooshi. I had wondered what he looked like. Nurses continue to be my favorite people, especially after my month-long hospital stay in 1995. I'm so looking forward to reading BLUE NOTES. I agree with the others -- tell your agent to get with the program!
We want more!

Hi Echo
We want more books!

Hi Echo! Please tell me that your agent or your "mouth piece" has knocked some sense into the Powers That Be who are keeping you from us! The pages of my "Echo Books" are worn and familiar...I re-read them all every couple of years! Oh for a new Echo Book!!!!! This is outrageous! Somebody is missing out on a fortune. If I had the money I'd finance you myself! Love you lots :) Trish

Echo, as a visually impaired young adult who has read all 3 of your nonfiction works, my question is:, What happened to the nurse friend of yours who gotten beaten up, also where are guss and katie?

I remember reading your non-fiction books back in the 90s and your name keeps coming back to mind (now more than 10 years later). I went back to the library to find you ...and you were gone (gasp!) I will have to get on some used sites and try to find you again. Keep writing. I love your work enough to look you up years later! You have become one of my (few) favorites. Best wishes, CCH in Virginia

Great website! I love the previews of your new books. Someone needs to pick up your work really fast before we all go into withdrawal!

PULEEEZE tell your publisher to get on the ball! We are DYING for more Echo Heron books. Your BLUE NOTES book sounds fantastic! I am a 55 year old boomer and love epistolary novels! I'll be first in line for that one!

Ms. Heron: You are a fantastic writer. Why the hell isn't your publisher putting out more of your work, and why have they taken the Adele Monsarrat series out of print?! Shame on Ballantine Books! Where is your agent???!!!!

Miss Heron, I have enjoyed all of your books for years. Just purchased a new set because my others had fallen apart. Your clarity and detail in your nonfiction novels have me laughing out loud!! My dogs don't get any sleep if I am re-reading one of your books because I can't contain my laughter. Thank you so much for your gifted prose!! Mitzi in DC
Hello Echo, found your website (from computer at work). Would love to see the New Works in print. Keep on goin', gal! (JB)

found your website (from computer at work). Would love to see the New Works in print. Keep on goin', gal! (JB)

BRAVO! All your books are quite exciting and very well done. It is a pleasure to read your work. Deborah (London)

You are such a great author! Your nonfiction work is inspiring and life-changing. Your fiction is riveting, hard to put down. Cory

The website is great! What a treat to find out you have more books on the go! I can't believe they (the publishers) aren't knocking your door down trying to get more! You are a great inspiration for any Nurse or student thinking about entering the field. Keep up the great work, because Canada loves you too! Judy P.S. your Mooshie is probably playing with my "Zaks cat the Siamese mouse trap" up there in kitty heaven

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The Adele Monsarrat, RN Medical Thriller Series
Fourth in the Adele Monsarrat medical thriller series. A disfigured corpse is fished out of San Francisco Bay. Adele would never guess that the crimes she is investigating reach halfway around the world—or that she has already been added to the growing list of victims . . .