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First in the Adele Monsarrat Medical Mystery Series



      The first in the medical thriller series which follows the adventures of feisty nurse-sleuth, Adele Monsarrat of Ellis Hospital's infamous Ward 8.
      MURDER IS MAKING HE ROUNDS AT ELLIS HOSPITAL. When sweet young Chloe, everybody's favorite nurse, dies in the recovery room after a routine appendectomy, nurse Adele Monsarrat of Ellis Hospital's infamous Ward 8 has her suspicions. It is the third sudden death among the hospital staff in a year, and Adele is sure one of her coworkers is behind the onslaught. But who in this pressure-cooker workplace bears the mark of true madness? As Adele starts probing, the fever of fear soars, and a brilliant maniac watches and waits...
      Among the cast of characters are Adele's vegetarian dog, Nelson, Cynthia O'Neil RN, Adele's best friend, and Tim Ritmann, the handsome redheaded detective.

      These suspenseful and humorous medical thrillers have been described as half Robin Cook, half Robin Williams. The twisty plots will keep the reader (with all the lights on and the doors locked) guessing until the end.
      WARNING: The Adele Monsarrat RN medical thrillers can become habit forming.

 Excerpts from PULSE:


    "...Adele yelped and jumped back from the freezer. Outside in the car, Nelson was barking like a wild animal. She focused on the familiar racket to keep from losing her mind. Her eyes returned to the contents of the freezer, making sure she wasn't hallucinating.
      She wasn't.
      That's what you get for sniffing around like a dog, she thought, digging up all sorts of odds and ends, toes and hands. She stopped herself from going mad with rational thought. First she would drive to the police and tell them about the freezer full of hands and breasts...packages labeled with the names of humans she'd once known. It was hard cold evidence, no pun intended..."

      "...The pile of photos toppled to the floor and slid like dominoes in a sideways stack. Automatically, Adele began gathering them back into a pile when, in the farthest corner of the room, she spied a narrow mound covered with a sheet.
      The hairs on the back of her neck sprang upright and her bowels clutched in spasms. She didn't need to pull the sheet away to know what was underneath.
      But she did anyway..."