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WORKS IN PROGRESS . . .(some more than others)




BLUE NOTES: Life in the Time of the Counterculture Revolution

Epistolary novel/Baby boomer fiction


      A fascinating chronicle of two young women's lives as they glide and stumble through the counter culture revolution toward the strange intersecting paths of their lives. Through letters written between 1965 and 1989, the reader is pulled irresistibly into their lives.
      Incorporating a rich blend of humor, sex, and tragedy, BLUE NOTES has plenty of quirky twists and turns that will keep the reader glued to the pages all the way to the dramatic ending

Medical thriller

      A mystery virus quickly kills all but one man at a top secret bio-containment facility. Years later a young boy finds the remains of the facility and the mutated virus spreads throughout the small boarder town of Fuego Bello. A pediatrician, a nurse and a CDC researcher race to stop the pathogen that threatens to kill off every living thing on earth.


      A black humor autobiographical account of surviving childhood in a highly dysfunctional American family. Told in the innocent voice of a precocious child, SOMEWHERE, AN ELEVATOR is the engrossing story of one family and its deepest, most closely guarded secrets.



     Corruption in a healthcare system where life and death are weighed against profit and power. Six patients, one nurse and one physician find themselves taking on one of the most powerful, internally corrupt HMOs in the country. A chilling novel that comes closer to reality than hospital corporations will want to admit.


Fictionalized true crime

      Based on a grisly double homicide that baffled the FBI and four Bay Area law enforcement agencies for eight years. A chilling, one-of-a-kind twist ending.


5th in the ADELE MONSARRAT Medical Mystery Series

      A sniper is killing the homeless one at a time. When a dying bag lady asks Adele Monsarrat, RN, to do her a favor, the nurse sleuth walks into a world of terror.