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NOON AT TIFFANY'S: An Historical, Biographical Novel

IN THE SUMMER OF 1888, Clara Wolcott, a daring young artist from Ohio, walked into Louis Tiffany's Manhattan office to interview for a job as a designer. For the next 21 years, her pivotal role in his multi-million dollar empire rmained one of Tiffany's most closely guarded secretes—a secret that when revealed 118 years later, sent the international art world into a tailspin. Based on a cache of letters written between 1888 and 1944, New York Times bestelling author, Echo Heron, artfully blends fact with fiction to draw the reader into the remarkable life of one of America's most prolific and extraordinary women artists: Clara Wolcott, the hidden genius behind the iconic Tiffany lamps.

ANNOUNCING the newly revised edition of the  New York Times bestseller, INTENSIVE CARE - COMING SOON!

"Heron tells her story with a GRIPPING EMOTIONAL INTENSITY ... with love and humor and vivid vignetts from her own life." — San Francisco Examiner

The brutally honest nonfiction account of a nurse's daily life behind the closed doors of a hospital's critical care units, this New York Times bestseller is an amazing and riveting first person documentary that reads like a novel. Heron eloquently explains the good, the bad and the maddening about her profession in a way that carries an emotional impact that will leave few readers unmoved.

MOOSHIE: Life With an Unconventional Cat

A lonely writer. A suicidal cat. Together, they make the perfect interspecies couple.

MOOSHIE: Life With an Unconventional Cat

A lonely writer. A suicidal cat.

Together they were the perfect interspecies couple


 Written in Heron's trademark style combining humor and vivid imagery, MOOSHIE is an action-packed travel adventure and love story between an unconventional cat and his flawed human. 

EMERGENCY 24/7: Nurses of the Emergency Room portrays thirty-one nurses, each with a distinctive voice and unique view of what really goes on behind the closed doors of the secret and chaotic world of the emergency room. Included in the mix are the moment-by-moment chronicles of eleven nurses who worked in New York City and Washington, D.C. on September 11, 2001. These compellig accounts give new perspectives on the horror and heroics of that tragic day. Ranging from inspiring to heart-rending to outrageously funny, these riveting narratives make Emergency 24/7 a fascinating and provocative book. A fitting tribute to frontline nurses.

Sequel to Intensive Care, CONDITION CRITICAL is Echo Heron's emotionally gripping account of her last decade in critical care nursing. Through her vivid descriptions of a 'normal' workday she fleshes out patient vignettes in ways that haunt one's memory. At a time when healthcare is in question, Heron opens the door on these and other topics with her characteristic sassy humor, honesty and heartfelt passion.




Adele Monsarrat, the quirky and sharp-witted nurse on Mercy Hospital's Ward 8 has a genius for solving mysteries. A unique combination of humor, twists, and hair-raising terror. It's Sherlock Holmes with a sense of humor and a nursing degree...

MERCY, a novel  (Revised edition)

An intriguing combination of nurse, hospital, and detective story, this fast-paced, sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair thriller is set in the hectic realism of its hospital setting.

Cat Richardson, RN, is battle-weary. With a heart and a mouth as big as her 12EEE shoes, she's continually bucking a system choked by Mercy Hospital's less than humane politics. Through the lives of five unique patients, Cat reexamines her own crumbling existence. Available in all ebook formats.

GRIPPING NARATIVES of nurses in a variety of fields reveal in sometimes shocking or humorous fashion what the caring profession is really about. The centerpiece chapter is an unforgettable dramatic account of five nurses who worked in ER the day of the Oklahoma City bombing. Come, take a walk in the shoes of a nurse.
Available in all ebook formats.