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Nurses of the Emergency Room

Thirty-one nurses, each with a distinctive voice and unique view of what really goes on behind the closed doors of the secret and chaotic world of the emergency room. Included are moment-by-moment chronicles of eleven nurses who worked in New York City and Washington, D.C on 9/11/01 These compelling accounts give new perspective on the horror and heroics of that day. Ranging from inspiring to heart-rending, these gripping narratives make Emergency 24/7 a fascinating and provacative read.



"NURSING STORIES FROM THE HEART.. I read the book in one night...wished it was longer . . . I didn't want it to end..."

 "DEFINITELY ONE OF [HERON'S] BEST... the author includes humorous stories stories with great pathos, and moat important, the feelings of ER nurses..." 

"ECHO HERON delivers once again!  Emergency 24/7 is not to be missed. She gives voice to nurses who worked Ground Zero. A must read ..."

  "...[HERON'S] portrayal of these heroes is clear-eyed and without gloss or exaggeration. Ms. Heron's writing style keeps the reader transfixed and makes the stories all the more impactful. This book is a "must read" ..."