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 MOOSHIE: Life With an Unconventional Cat

On Mother's Day, 1984, the author sets out to find the solutiion to the 12-inch Norwegian wharf rats routinely invading her creekside cottage. Enter Mushu Pork With Pancakes, a.k.a. Mooshie, the Burmese cat with an unusual penchant for dry sherry, English Breakfast tea and mayhem. It doesn't take Heron long to realized that her new feline companion is a bona fide eccentric. With his quirky mix of personalities—Gandhi, Houdini, Einstein, Mel Brooks and Vlad the Impaler, the feline charmer wheedles his way into his human's heart. When the pair embarks on an extended nomadic adventure, cat and human cement a powerful loving bond while braving hurricanes, stalking cougars, automatic gunfire, and deadly rainforest amphibians. Written in Heron's trademark style combining humor and vivid imagery, MOOSHIE is an action-packed travel adventure and love story between an unconventional cat and his flawed human.


MOOSHIE: Life With an Unconventional Cat 

— "GREAT READ! Wow! Superbly done. The reader is always there with Mooshie and his human. MOOSHIE is the compelling and wonderfully humorous story of the author's life with her Burmese cat. This is the perfect book for cat lovers, animal lovers and wild adventure-lovers."

— "[Heron's] vivid descriptions via character development rings my bell. I know I'm gonna wish for more when I reach the end ... which is why I'm trying to go slow. & it's hard to do that. It's like sugar, Echo Heron. Your writing is like Sugar."  

— "Having read every book written by Echo Heron, this might be my favorite. While I enjoy her fiction titles very much, I enjoy her non-fiction titles even more. So glad she wrote this one. This one will be read time and time again."  

— "Mooshie's story is heart-warming without coming across like a Christmas movie. The reader is drawn into every part of the couple's lives whether in California, the West Indies, New York, Chicago, Hollywood or Florida. Surviving encounters with earthquakes, violent storms, mountain lions, poisonous toads, voodoo spells, etc, these wild, funny and moving true adventures will keep the reader entertained."