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I know. It's been a while. I should rename my blog "Not an Every YEAR Kind of Blog," right?  All I can say about that is..."I've been really busy" To quickly bring you up to speed, in short order I got married, then my son got married and I was soon presented with a grandson and then another in rather quick succession. Then I had lots of garage sales and moved across the country to be with them.

     Fast forward to late December, 2019, my husband came into my office and said, "I just read about a virus that I think is going to be "the" one to take its toll on the human race." Even though he's a physician and does medical research, I rolled my eyes and kept on writing. By the end of January, we had turned one of the bedrooms into a supply closet...N-95 masks, gloves, food, medical equipment, prescriptions, etc. Then we hunkered down and isolated. That's when my husband said, "Put aside the book you're working on and finish your Mooshie book. A cat memoir that is an action-packed adventure and a love story between a crazy cat and his flawed human is the book people want to read."

     This time I didn't roll my eyes. I recalled that twenty-three years ago, my editor at Random House, the late Leona Nevler, suggested I write a book about my travels with my zany cat, Mooshie. I started it, but shelved it when another offer came in for a different book.

     I figured that two great minds couldn't be wrong. Over the next 18 months I finished MOOSHIE. I had a "sensitivity reader" read it,  and at the same time, I attended webinars at Author's Guild about how not to get sued by litigious people. Thus I was duly advised to rewrite several sections to insure I would not be sued. I then donned my publisher's hat and dealt with the craziness of getting a book into printed and electronic form. On November 26, 2021, my cat memoir,  MOOSHIE: Life With an Unconventional Cat, went live. 

     When I've made my feeble attempts at marketing, I will once again pick up the pen and revise INTENSIVE CARE: The Story of a Nurse. That done and reissued, I will finish writing a novel that has been in the works since 1968—BLUE NOTES: Life in the Time of the Counterculture Revolution. Bear with me.

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