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Shadowhands Series #2

For quite a few years now, I, and a whole slew of other previously published authors, have been knocking on the doors of the publishing houses, our new work in hand. And, for quite a few years, many of us found those doors firmly locked. It didn't matter how many readers we had asking for our work, or how many bestsellers we'd had - the Big Boys weren't answering the door.
I won't bore you with the reasons why the traditional publishing industry is circling the drain, but about 10 months ago I finally saw the DNR order on the wall. As any seasoned ER nurse might, I terminated resuscitation efforts on getting my work published by the Big Boys. It wasn't going to happen, but I refused to let my writing career go down the tubes with them.
So - I opened a new door and entered the world of indie publishing. Independent Press. Do It Yourself. Or, in other words, I began my own publishing company, HERON QUILL PRESS.
I am about to publish four new books - one at a time. They are all different genres: historical, biographical fiction, nonfiction nursing (a sequel to Tending Lives), an epistolary novel (women's fiction), and, a nonfiction cat book (yes, finally, the one about Mooshie.)
And that isn't all. I will soon be reissuing in all the ebook formats: CONDITION CRITICAL, MERCY, and the Adele Monsarrat mystery series - PULSE, PANIC, PARADOX and FATAL DIAGNOSIS.
As you can see, I have not been idle. The doors are about to open.

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