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The first in the medical thriller series which follows the adventures of feisty nurse-sleuth, Adele Monsarrat of Ellis Hospital's infamous Ward 8.
MURDER IS MAKING HE ROUNDS AT ELLIS HOSPITAL. When sweet young Chloe, everybody's favorite nurse, dies in the recovery room after a routine appendectomy, nurse Adele Monsarrat of Ellis Hospital's infamous Ward 8 has her suspicions. It is the third sudden death among the hospital staff in a year, and Adele is sure one of her coworkers is behind the onslaught. But who in this pressure-cooker workplace bears the mark of true madness? As Adele starts probing, the fever of fear soars, and a brilliant maniac watches and waits...


— Oklahoma City: "From the first page to the last (Pulse) had me going! I fell in love with Adele and her wonderful friends on Ward 8. ...Heron's books are now part of my must  read list!"

 — New York City: "I picked this up thinking I'd skim through and couldn't put it down. When I wasn't biting my nails, I was laughing so hard I woke my husband up. Could not figure out 'whodunit' until the last few pages. Chilling. Griping. A refreshing blend of humor, terror and suspense."

 — Boston, MA: "WOW! A great, fast-paced medical thriller. I was disappointed when this book ended...Echo Heron's unique blend of medical thriller and comedy is absolutely brilliant! I couldn't put it down! Adele Monsarrat as the RN and amateur sleuth is a wonderful, memorable character. All Heron's characters are so well written that you'll come away feeling like you know them...or at least wish you did. This one had me stumped to the end. When I wasn't laughing, I found myself making sure the doors were locked and all the lights were on. Can't wait for the next book in this series.GREAT BOOK! Keep 'em coming Ms. Heron!"

 — Palo Alto, CA: "This is a very good medical thriller...the plot's complexity and the twists and turns remind me of Dashiell Hammet's Maltese Falcon."



A BIG-CITY HOSPITAL. A ROGUE KILLER VIRUS. AND NO CURE IN SIGHT. Teenager Iris Hersh was in perfect health. Now, she hovers near death, ravaged by a virus that medical science has never before encountered—and doesn't know how to stop. When the virus claims more victims, nurse Adele Monsarrat wonders why the rogue virus is so curiously selective. Jointing forces with Detective Tim Rittman, Monsarrat hopes to contain a potentially raging epidemic before it spreads ...


— South East UK:  "ENTERTAINING MEDICAL THRILLER. Nelson is my hero!! I went straight from PULSE to PANIC and the excellent writing continues with numerous separate story lines bubbling along together and all eventually meeting for the final chapters. Definitely worth reading. I also find myself becoming a great fan of Nelson." -
— Denver, CO: "YOU'VE GOT TO LOVE IT!! This was my first experience with Echo Heron. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. At it's inevitable conclusion, I immediately headed to the bookstore for PULSE and/or PARADOX - but to no avail. I assume the first to be sold out and the second to be in progress. Ms. Heron is a fabulous author." 

— Stanford, CA: "In my opinion, PANIC is even better than Ms. Heron's PULSE. It's a well-written, compelling medical thriller!"

— Washington, D.C.: "Echo Heron knows nurses and understands nursing from the inside. I read her fiction work first, and it touched me as a nurse. This well-written thriller touched me as a medical mystery addict and left me wanting more." -

— Chicago, Ill: "PANIC is as suspensful and funny as PULSE. The characters' on-going stories are as addicting as the thriller series itself. I love Adele Monsarrat as a quirky nurse-sleuth. Hope there are more to follow!"  -



   A fatal car accident and a young woman with amnesia who remembers nothing about where she was driving when her car plunged over a cliff - or the identity of the dead child in the backseat. The third in the Monsarrat medical mystery thriller series forces Adele into a hot zone of terror...


THE MYSTERIOUS and beautiful young woman with amnesia lies in Ward 8 of Ellis Hospita. She remembers nothing about where she was driving when her car plunged over a cliff. Nor does she remember the identity of the dead child in the backseat. Naming the anonymous patient Mathilde, Nurse Adele Monsarrat calls on her psychiatrist and ex-lover to help the crash victim recover her shadowed past.

      Yet someone is determined to keep Mathilde silenced as a threatening presence infiltrates the dark hospital halls. Outside in the community, four people are brutally murdered in what apppears to be professional hits. The police uncover disturbing connections between the victims and Mathilde, forcing Adele into a hot zone of terror, where ruthless violence spreads like a disease no doctor can cure.


— "Heron's new mystery is worthy of being placed in the pantheon of the very best mystery writers. Adele Monserrat is even further developed as a character in this, her lastest edition in the series. And Ms. Heron does something I really like. She refers back to thoughts, ideas,and events that happened in previous books. You won't be mystified if you didn't read the previous books, but you will be pleasantly surprised that the writer respects her readers' memories.I laughed out loud at her swipes at managed, oops, mangled care. A very good read. I couldn't put it down!"
— "Absolutely love anything that Echo Heron writes. I've been addicted since I read her first book. Recommend this book highly."
—"This latest Adele Monsarrat mystery is the best in the series! Very well-done character development and plot! The reader will not be disappointed."
— "Interesting and likeable characters (especially Nelson the dog), and consistent, even writing make this an easy and fast read. "



A COSMETIC SURGERY PATIENT COMPLAINS of an inexplicable rash...a pacemaker interferes with hospital equipment....a man is fished out of San Francisco Bay, his body disfigured by sharks...or by a twisted human with a very sharp knife...
On Ward Eight of Ellis Hospital, Nurse Adele Monsarrat uncovers a link between these cases. She won't know that the crimes she's investigating reach halfway around the world---or that she has already been added to a growing list of the terrorists' victims. For in an age in which cosmetic surgery can perform wonders, someone has discovered the ultimate transformation: Using the human body as the perfect disguise for terror.



— "NEVER A DULL MOMENT...A thoroughly engrossing and delightful read! .... When nurse Adele Monsarrat begins to investigate and ends up right in the middle of things (as usual) and in danger herself.  ....Love the antics of Nelson, Adele's vegitarian Labrador Retriever. [Heron] just keeps getting better and better..."

 — "As always, the author has carefully developed the suspense and you have no choice but to become riveted as the plot unfolds."

 — "I love [Heron's] humor which is woven throughout the story... Well written and a good twist to the ending."

 — "MEDICAL MYSTERY WITH FUN AND SUSPENSE ...  Full of suspense with quirky characters from Adele herself to  her dog Nelson."



Cynthia came to consciousness with a gasp, surrounded by icy water rushing in around her. Out the smashed rear window she could see the top of the trunk was still an inch or two above water. There was no sound other than the water rushing into the cabin. Grasping the rearview mirror, she pulled herself up and began a search for the glove compartment. The realization that Adele could already be dead panicked her.

"Adele!" she screamed. "Hold on." Her fingers were growing as numb as the rest of her body as she fumbled and groped the inside walls of the glove compartment. The car tipped forward, plunging her deeper into the cold water. She willed her hands to work faster and kept her eyes on the window, judging how log she had before she had to get out ...